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If the therapist reacts physically

If therapists become tired due to continued bioresonance therapy, there may be a tissue block in their own bodies. For this reason it is recommended to build yourself up from time to time. Always have the Geosafe or Regumed Protector in the room with the Bicom. When running the longer program sequences on patients, get up yourself and walk outside for a break.

For treatment on ourselves we start with the basic program. Since geopathic stresses were found in all patients, it is important to integrate a geopathy compensation into the basic therapy from the outset. Environmental stresses, metals, food intolerances, viruses etc. then follow depending on test readings.

At the same time as dissolving the blocks and eliminating toxins the stressed body should be systematically built up. Treatment with the CTT five element set is the key component in my therapy system and I consider it to be THE build-up program. This makes elimination simpler and easier to tolerate, stabilises the patient during treatment and also saves time because I can also use it in the second channel. Sometimes it is only necessary to carry out build-up programs. For example, 900 (Activate vitality) is a tried and tested program.

It may also be the case that several sessions are needed in order to eliminate a stress, something I always recommend with Epstein-Barr viruses, for example. It is also normal for some blocks, such as stress or shock blocks, to be treated over several sessions, in some cases as many as three times.

You should not find this surprising­ burnout patients often suffer a certain tension or strain over a number of years, which means that certain processes no longer occur automatically. The body cries out for support, we provide it and sometimes it is needed more than once.

I generally treat patients once a week. Programs can therefore result in information being sent to the body and relieving the patient’s stress. It is rare for me to provide treatment twice in one week. To phase out treatment after elimination a fortnightly session can be added in which further block therapy, stabilisation of the five elements, eliminating over acidity or supporting the liver are treated. But generally the patient has already recovered by this point; their body is, for the most part, able to realign and readjust itself.

In the case studies at the end of this paper, the therapy steps are set out in detail for three patients and there is a brief overview of a further seven cases. All patients are now doing well, working again or have their family issues under control again. Only a few continue to come into the practice for stabilisation treatment once a month.

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