2.3 Standardised Basis Systematic Copy

Instructions for
the “Standardised Basis Systematic“

The Standardised Basis Systematic aims for the treatment of allergies and many chronic diseases by reducing the most frequent stresses. Among the most frequent stresses are scar interference, radiation exposure and the exposure to milk, wheat and candida. Not only the negative factors are addressed, but also the elimination organs (such as kidney, liver, etc.). Experience shows that such a comprehensive therapy systematic considerably brings the patient into a much better general condition and also the tendency to allergic reactions as a whole is significantly reduced.

The Standardised Basis Systematic consists of 5 therapy sessions, recommended at weekly intervals. But they can also be applied at longer intervals. The special feature of this system is the inclusion of the low deep frequencies and the very thorough “processing” of the biological window * (Adey window) to automatically use all therapeutic resonance phenomena in a patient.

This is achieved by technical circuits in which all frequency and amplification steps in certain mutually complementary sweeps are used.

* The energetic area in which an organism reacts best to treatment.

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