2.6 Third Week Copy

Third Session

The third session is mainly concerned with candida therapy. We recommend the patient follows strict abstinence as mentioned in the accompanying information. After the specific basic therapy, select program sequence 10452. This program sequence includes activation of the lymphs, scar interference, candida therapy and a stabilization of the toxic stresses.

Program sequence: 10452

480.1: Renal function disorder 1st program (5 min)

927.3: Eliminate scar interference 2nd program (7 min)


3413.0: Candida therapy 1 (12 min)


189.0: Substance therapy program (7 min)

Total time: 31 min

The electrode placement is as follows: place the large flexible electrode connected to a black cable on the stomach. In addition, place the left hand on a plate electrode and as output the modulation mat on the back of the patient.

In the program sequence, a change of electrodes is programmed. At the predetermined spot, the program stops running allowing you to remove the input electrodes from the patient and place the candida ampoule from the ampoule set of the Standardised Basis Systematic in the input cup (black rim). The patient now has only the modulation mat on the back. Now continue with the treatment.


After this program, another pause is programmed in order to allow you to change the contents of the input cup with Mycotoxins elimination. Now continue the therapy.

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