Acidophilus and Bismuth Copy

The test point for Lacto bacteria Acidophilus is at the lower rib in the middle of the right costal arch. If it feels painful, this is an indication of serious disorders of the intestinal flora — which can be influenced successfully by treating this point. If it is painful it usually means that the intestinal flora is dysfunctional — but this can be remedied by massage.

In these cases, the enzyme complex which is associated with Acidophilus, is not well suited to split genuine protein into amino acids (this occurs frequently in tumour patients). In cases where the Acidophilus test is weak —i. e., where bacteria are absent from the intestines and/or is insufficiently available — additional enemas have the greatest effect since here Acidophilus does not only show its bactericide effect, but also its beneficial effect on the intestinal peristalsis. Please consult the therapist.

This point, together with the Silica point, is usually painful in patients who suffer from a dairy allergy. It should be treated frequently with Wulfenite or Tinstone. Enemas with water from these stones and a Rock Crystal are excellently suited to build up the intestinal flora.

Exactly in the middle between the test and therapy point of Acidophilus and Bitters lies the Bismuth point on the right-hand side of the body at the lower costal arch.

This is pressure-sensitive or numb in patients with inflammatory diseases of the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. It will also react in women who have been using lipstick or nail varnish with Mother-of-pearl effect, because Bismuth is used in the production of this gloss effect.

It is recommended that this point is repeatedly stimulated in patients who receive chemotherapy and, if possible, a homeopathic doctor should prescribe Bismuth in a D6 potency so that damage to the tissue, particularly of the intestinal mucous membrane of the stomach, is prevented.

It has meanwhile been found that this tissue salt is well suited to balance harmful x-rays in the organism as well as to prevent them from entering, which is why rubber gloves and aprons for x-ray examinations are partially coated with Bismuth.

Sometimes this point is numb in patients who cannot cope well with psychological strain — they react with sore stomachs, as they are not thick skinned and everything gets under their skin.

Here Bismuth gloss might be helpful, which is lovely to look at because of its weird shapes and colours. Some patients put it on the bedside table or the desk at work.

However, it is most effective if placed in water for a few days which is then drunk throughout the day in small sips.


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