Arsenic Copy

On the left side of the body, opposite the Hydrogen point, is the test and massage point for the inappropriate utilisation of the trace element Arsenic.

Arsenic is a valuable trace element insofar as it influences the regulation of oxygen in the cells. It also assists in the processing of liver fats and promotes nutrient exchange in the blood vessels.

Traces of Arsenic are needed by the body to stimulate urine formation. This point is often sore in neurodermatitis children.

In homeopathy, Arsenic is used if a person feels a certain hopelessness, which is frequently the case in neurodermatitis patients — the fear that they may never get well again.

If there is an Excess of Arsenic, the Iodine absorption may be compromised, which means that the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones —thus when you get a weak Iodine point, also check the Arsenic point.

In strong smokers and people who are passively exposed to smoking (i. e. people working in pubs or bars), this point will often feel painful, since the organism rightfully refuses to process the Arsenic contained in smoke (presumably it favours skin and liver cancer).

If this point continues to be conspicuous over a longer period, check whether excessive amounts of eel, octopus or other fish are consumed or have been consumed in the past.

For massaging this point use Cobalt-flower, Nickel-flower, Mimetite or an Andes-Opal.

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