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On the left side is the supreme point for chronic-degenerative tissue processes. If this point hurts one may presume that the organism’s nutrient transport is too slow. By the time that substance has arrived where the body needs it, it has already found another nutrient as a substitute, which has a similar effect on the metabolism. This happens automatically in order to counteract a total derailment.

The point has also got a close connection to “Germanium”, which, however, should be ordered by a doctor only occasionally.

That’s the reason why nutrient and vitamin, mineral and trace element displacements may arise in the body — in order to balance other deficiencies. Luckily for us the organism does have these functions. So, it is really vital to help our body to get out of these situations.

By massaging one of the supreme points – or one special point which shows up (or even some more) — with a comparatively pointed object, the evaluation and circulation of the nutrients offered can be improved in the tissue and the body fluids — thus re-facilitating a regular nutrient exchange in the patient’s organism. In treatment, the vitamin points have absolute priority, followed by the mineral and then the trace element points.

By massaging these areas — if the nourishment is healthy and varied —seeming vitamin and mineral deficiencies may be rebalanced immediately, which means:

The nutrient displacement in the organism, when the points are checked up and stimulated (if they are painful or numb) regularly, may be removed before they even become manifest. This simple method puts so much in to motion in any person’s metabolic processes that definitely you can speak of a body cleansing and an improvement of metabolism.

These two over-arching and supreme points can easily be located by letting one arm hang loose while the other hand looks for the point which is otherwise hidden by tense musculature.

At the bottom of the clavicle, move with 1 or 2 fingers from the inside to the outside until you get to the shoulder joint. Directly above this corner between the clavicle/acromion and the shoulder joint is the point for the supreme regulation of the nutrient transport in the tissue and the body fluids.

For the massage of these two points as well as some other specific nutrient points use a small pyramid pen. Or use another blunt pen or one finger (cut nail beforehand).

A pyramid massage pencil with a rock crystal type is placed on the point and then rotated with a little pressure on it. Don’t make circles or turn it, otherwise the massage is painful and does not give the required effect.

Due to the differentiated and specific stimulation of precisely described individual tissue points you put the priorities in nutrient utilisation right again. In future, the body will increasingly take care of the utilisation of the comparatively small portion of a healthy substance in the food and, simultaneously, will put into motion a normal defence against toxins.

One can generally say that the cause of abnormal metabolic processes is the lack of healthy substance at the right place and the trigger for an abnormal function must be looked for in a sudden excess of bad substance.

In the exact description of the following nutrient points I concentrated mainly on the mineral substances and (partly rather toxic) trace elements — because a lot is known and has been written about the way vitamins function.

In addition to the description of the vitamins and minerals I have given recommendation for food which should be eaten preferably if certain points are painful in order to stimulate their utilisation parallel with the massage.

I also added most of the precious stones to the explanation of the tissue salts and trace elements which contain the relevant ingredient so that the points may be individually supported and their function made to be more effective during the massage.

Food is necessary for a human being, we are living from the ingredients of our meals — from what we eat and drink, and how we do it. Our “modern” eating habits are really catastrophical. Half standing — or driving in a car — we consume what we need for our living.

That’s sure not the right way of “healthy” eating.

In our days a lot of people eat only because it is the right time (or they like  eating in general), and not because they are hungry, and they also eat only what tastes good. Whether this is healthy for the body or not is not particularly relevant for them.

Stress and agitations are also negative factors for the stomach — in German you find a lot of proverbs with this theme.

For compensation people assume to need stimulants: an addictive digestive coffee, cigarette or drink etc.

I really love to offer you a new addiction, a healthy stimulant:

Eat, drink and act with pleasure and enjoy your food, all that you eat and drink! As a result you can stay healthy and free from allergies.

Therefore it’s necessary to chew your food well for a better digestion. because in lack of the digestive enzymes of the mouth (spit) neither the stomach nor the intestines can work correctly.

If, additionally, you control regularly your nutrient points whether they are itching or numb — and treat them by a massage — your body will be able to regulate directly.

I wish you a healthy future with an optimal working metabolism.


Sid& ‘Rairy

If you want to test each other kinesiologically proceed as follows:

The testing person touches the relevant nutrient point at the body of the other person (don’t press) and carries out the muscle test at the same time.

All nutrients which give a weak test, signalize a seeming and/or actual deficiency of this substance.

After the stimulation of the supreme point at the shoulder — which is week —all zones which previously tested weak need to be checked again.

This serves to find out where only alleged deficiencies of a substances appear to be present in the body — and where a genuine deficiency is present.

You massage afterwards only the 1 — 2 effectively deficiency points which still are weak in order to improve utilisation of the substances for the future.

For further information about Kinesiology I recommend the book by John Diamond, M. D.: BK Behavioural Kinesiology — Your Body doesn’t Lie.

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