Copper Copy

On the left-hand side of the body in the middle between the navel and the upper margin of the iliac bone is the test and therapy point for Copper.

Copper (which also contains Vitamin B1) is very important as a functional element of many enzymes, for cell growth, connective tissue and blood formation (by mobilising Iron). Copper also has anti-inflammatory properties, acts against skin fungi and is important for the Protein and Pigmentation metabolism. It keeps the blood vessels flexible, so if there is enough Copper in the organism fewer troubles of varicose veins and haemorrhoids occur. Thyroid gland problems are also often based on a disturbed Copper metabolism.

When blood has been donated or lost (after an accident), the point might test painful, particularly if the body was previously weak. Women with heavy menstruation or dysmenorrhoea should also have the Copper point checked and massage this zone regularly, ideally with a Copper-containing precious stone. Or a Copper chain can be worn around the ankle, as this zone corresponds to the abdomen and bladder.

Although the Copper serum content increases during Iron deficiency anaemia, infections and tumours, the Copper-point will feel painful particularly in tumour patients — but often a once-off treatment of this point between the navel and the upper margin of the iliac bone is enough to restore the balance.

In these cases too the body is unable to properly utilise the existing Copper and to excrete what is too much, thus straining the liver and gall bladder.

In addition to massaging the Copper point, watch the Zinc point (which is directly on the right side in the waist), because brass is made from these two metals.

In order to prevent a Copper deficiency in the organism, enrich your diet with cocoa, chocolate, beer yeast, cabbage and especially kohlrabi, walnuts and garlic.

You will find Copper also in several minerals:

  • Chakra Azurite, Jade, Malachite
  • Chakra Fluorite, poor Copper, Pyrite
  • Chakra Turquoise
  • Chakra Chalcopyrite
  • Chakra Dioptas, Hawk’s eye, Indigolite, Rutilquartz, Verdelite
  • Chakra Chrysocolla, Copper gloss, Olivine or Peridot

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