Inosite Copy

Inosite deficiency is tested on the right mamillar line at the level of the axillary. This point can be easily found on an intersection between an imaginary line between the tip of the sternum and the Acute tissue point (right) and a line at the level of the axillary fold.

This substance has vitamin characteristics and participates in the transport of fats after bonding with Phosphoric acid. Inosite is a vital nutrient and has to be added with our food, as it is not produced in our body.

While on a cholesterol diet, Inosite prevents fatty degeneration of the liver. This means that this point will feel painful in patients whose liver metabolism is not in order.

Together with Vitamin E and Choline, Inosite is also indicated in progressive muscle dystrophy. Particular attention must thus be paid to the characteristics of Vitamin E and the point discussed here in patients with this disease.

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