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With my curiosity piqued, I wanted to find out why one organism can deal correctly and normally with a certain food and the other can not — in other words, why it reacts allergically.

The word “allergy” is of Greek origin, it is a combination of allos = different and ergo = the work. Thus allergy means that the organism works differently, approaches the work differently and reacts differently from how it should, in other words works incorrectly, abnormally, excessively and un­controlled.

These abnormal reactions may be the result of a substance being added to the body via the tongue — by eating, drinking, or indirectly through chemical additives in the water, filter bags, residue on aluminium foil etc., or they may be caused externally, by sun radiation via the eyes (particularly when people wear glasses or contact lenses), pollen, house dust, environmental toxins in the air via the nose, cosmetics, detergents via the skin, etc.

Now what does the wrong reaction mean?

If somebody lies for hours in the sun, nobody will be surprised if this person gets sunburnt and nobody will even suggest an allergic event.

­­However, there are cases that somebody after a short while in the sun will get red spots on the skin and starts to get itchy — and this is most certainly the body’s over-reaction to an extreme substance which was activated as a result of being exposed to the sun.

Whether this over-reaction was caused by a sun block or through influences in the air is not easily determinable, and you need a therapist for this. In any event, however, it is the wrong reaction of the organism to external influences through a lack of a certain vitamin, mineral or trace element under the skin — which would have been able to prevent such an abnormal reaction. In cases of a sun allergy this might have been a Vitamin B5 deficiency.

If all nutrients compatible with a healthy organism are available to the body in sufficient quantities at the right place, it will not or will only rarely and maybe for a very short time show an over-reaction to a substance foreign to the body.

So, the first question is:

Why does one organism, under exactly the same circumstances, react normally, but the other one does not?

Millions of foreign data is received daily by the gastro-intestinal tract via the nose, mouth and skin. Under normal circumstances, our organism absorbs all those things which are useful and valuable and transports them to those organs and digestive systems, which process these substances and then make them available to the body as vital vitamins, minerals etc. via the blood.

The recognition and evaluation of the foreign substances and their influences in our body is done by the lymphocytes, a part of our white blood corpuscles. The phagocytes, of which there are plenty in the lungs and the liver, absorb and digest undesired foreign substances which the body does not need or are even harmful.

However, if this recognition and subsequent correct utilisation no longer functions properly a harmless substance which might be urgently needed by the organism, can be classified as dangerous or poisonous and then the cells which put up a resistance to the substance are called up in order to fight off the apparent enemy — and that starts the involuntary metabolic derailment.

During a medical test these healthy substances, which have not been utilised, show up in the urine and stool.

It is our body’s function to recognise healthy substances as such, to absorb and utilise them and to fight against unhealthy or even slightly toxic substances or to ignore them as far as possible and then to eliminate them as fast as possible.

However, in all allergies and other metabolic diseases, this regulating mechanism no longer functions properly, thus making it necessary to “help the organism along a bit”.

By stimulating locally restricted body zones which represent an external contact location to the nutrients in the inside of the body, we are fortunate in achieving, that in future the organism may start again to register, process and add to the body the sometimes very small portion of a healthy substance.

After many attempts to “treat” food and stimulants like coffee, for instance so that they become more compatible to the organism, I finally found the key indicator to the current book during a kinesiology seminar.

In the seminar we were shown the possibility to test a nutrient deficiency or a surplus by the reaction of a muscle and recommended to take this substance for a while in the presence of a nutrient deficiency.

However, the results were unsatisfactory with all of my patients and it took quite a few months till I had the bright idea to massage these test points, which weakened the organism or to treat them with a bioresonance therapy instrument — and then to prescribe — in some cases and only for a short time — a vitamin, mineral or trace element.

The results were so surprising that, during the last 15 — 20 years, I improved this process by trying to discover new nutrient points as well as the relevant treatment programmes with BICOM bioresonance therapy and with ONDAMED system regulation, a colour frequency therapy instrument.

The result of this work till today are more than 80 closely defined body zones which are, so to speak, the contact locations of nutrients and other elements to the exterior. This embraces vitamins, minerals, trace elements and further metabolism-specific substances with which each organism must learn to work optimally.

It was found that incorrect nutrient processing occurs in most cases when the body has once been given a certain food in excessive quantities or over too long periods. In such cases, the body (luckily) “switches off” and henceforth no longer processes this nutrient in order not to poison itself — because even too much of a good thing is ultimately poison to the organism.

In this case this excess is stored somewhere in the tissue as a deposit and no longer accessable and the organism — without outside help — is not able to open the deposits and to process properly the substance.

Thus the body gets into a deficiency situation and looks for help in other nutrients which may fulfil a similar function.

By this way apparent reserves occur, which are not really reserves, since these nutrients only have a replacement function.

This is a really vicious circle.

In order to get out of this it is good to treat those points which signalize the nutrient deficiency, then the blockages break down and the body gets back its normal optimal metabolic function.

The purpose of this book is to get to know these body zones and to find them successfully so that you can help yourself and your patients to re-build an optimal metabolism. It was written as well for therapists (particularly those who work with kinesiological muscle testing), as for patients who themselves want to contribute to getting healthy again.

There was the extreme case of a colleague who showed lots of food incompatibilities. It was found that the key to her metabolic derailment (after treating of an over-arching tissue point which will be explained later) was Vitamin A — the point is on the right eye lid. It was interesting that an operation for a squint had been carried out a few years earlier — and this scar posed an interference and weakened her organism.

The next step was the treatment of the Vitamin A point with the therapy instrument, after which the body’s behaviour towards that Vitamin was normalised. After the second treatment of the same point even the scar at the eye no longer rested as an interference — contrary to my expectations —and I then tried to find the food which had originally resulted in this incorrect utilisation and the deficiency.

Her organism did not like carrots — she told me that just after the war, when she was still very young, she had lived almost exclusively on carrots and potatoes as there was nothing else to eat.

I am sure that if her diet had been better balanced she probably would not have started to squint in the first place — but I can’t prove that, of course.

A further very illuminating example is that of a pre-primary school boy who drove his parents and his nursery teacher mad because he was extremely hyperactive. So it took quite a while to test all his points. After treating the regulating point at the shoulder joint I found that the boy had a Mercury deficiency. As a proverb says: Somebody is like quicksilver.

I thought: at some stage, he must have had too much Mercury otherwise the organism would be able to cope with the traces which we absorb with our daily food and be able to detoxify. But how? When I questioned the mother I discovered that she had her teeth extracted, while she was pregnant and had all the amalgam removed and replaced by gold fillings.

This resulted in excessive amounts of Mercury being circulated in the mothers body which ultimately damaged the unborn child’s organism. I was able to help not only the child, but also his parents and teacher by specifically treating the mercury point in front of the neck.

Through the years of my experience I found that often the wrong behaviour of the body towards Mercury is the reason that a person repeatedly gets colds and runny noses.

These examples show that obvious problems of the patients and the unpleasant reactions of the body are triggered by a completely different substance than that, which was the original cause of the misery.

One may assume that the CAUSE of a food incompatibility and also of all other allergic processes is a food which is not correctly utilised by the organism and thus causes deficiencies of vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Obviously, the body does not recognize and absorb quality as quality — but secretes it.

The TRIGGER of an allergic reaction of the body is thus the food, the cosmetic product, detergent etc., which is either too healthy or too low-quality (and is not compatible) and cannot be processed because of poor metabolic functions and causes over-reactions.

Since today’s food no longer contains so many vitamins, minerals and urgently required trace elements, because of over-fertilisation, I added the most important minerals and/or precious stones to the individual explanations of the points so that a certain stone may be worn or water from precious stones drunk to improve one’s health.

Our food gets the power and minerals from mother earth, how else should it get into our vegetables, grains and fruit. If several members of a family show similar signs of deficiency of certain nutrients, those specific missing minerals can be placed into the fridge in form of uncut precious stones so that they may improve the nutrient composition of the food.

This can be very important in our days because the nutrient metabolism of plants and animals is often insufficient (due to over-breeding) and thus unable to cover humans daily needs.

I got the idea to work more with precious stones to improve the minerals metabolism through my daughter. We’d both been fascinated for quite a while by the diversity of precious stones. Just before my birthday she brought me a stone, gave it to me and said I would need it now and put it in my hand.

For a while I’d been having an itchy patch on my back which I had not been able to explain to myself. Suddenly I felt like putting the stone on that place and asked my daughter to help me. A short while later I was surprised to find that the itching had gone and wanted to know the stones chemical composition. It was “Spodumen”, which contains a lot of Aluminium.

After that I tested this point on all my patients and found that this zone does indeed have a connection to the Aluminium metabolism — its use in the organism.

As I was born during the war, I was exposed for many years to too much Aluminium (cheap Aluminium cooking pots), and it was therefore not surprising that eventually this point had come to my attention. From then on I used less Aluminium foil for grilling, and my problem is now completely solved.

If only all problems in life could be solved that easily.


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