Pepsin and Metabolism control for proteins Copy

Two points — they are to the right and/or left of the Tip of the breast bone, between the sternum and the beginning of the ribs — are connected with the digestion of protein. If there is a Pepsin or a Hydrochloric acid deficiency in the stomach, often protein neither animal nor vegetable origin can be optimally utilised.

Special cells in the gastric mucous membrane are able to form Hydrochloric acid, for which sufficient oxygen supply is needed. Pepsin — an enzyme used for protein break-down — is formed in the gastric membranes, a process which also requires Hydrochloric acid.

If one of these areas feel painful or numb, treating them is extremely successful — usually with Hydrochloric acid — since it stimulates the control mechanism.

Massaging of the point with Calcite, Sard or Bismuth stone is excellent, as the protein-breaking-down digestive juices are stimulated.

Since Hydrochloric acid is the watery solution in Hydrogen chloride, the zones for Chlorine (at the lower left intercostal arch) and for Hydrogen (at the right hip joint) need to be stimulated if this point is very painful.

In principle, pain will be caused in a numb point when it is massaged, which afterwards dies down once the patient gets out of the chronic situation and the event has been changed to an acute episode — from which the utilisation of the relevant proteins can then be balanced.

Around these two points at the tip of the sternum, in a 5 — 6 cm diameter, is the area for the control of the metabolising of all proteins through gastric and intestinal enzymes. This deals with the breakdown of foreign proteins and the forming of body-compatible amino acids for the human organism.

This area around the breastbone also has to do with auto-aggression diseases and disturbances of the immune system (see description of the 3rd Chakra).

To stimulate the zone use almond oil (Reichel, Miltenberg) for massaging, which contains energetically transferred information of various proteins and their therapy frequencies. This particular almond oil generally stimulates the protein metabolism and may also support the effect of a precious stone from the 3rd Chakra.

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