Strontium Copy

Two fingers below the upper inner edge of the right shoulder blade is the test and treatment point for Strontium, which derives from uranium.

Because of the various nuclear tests carried out over many years, the whole atmosphere is polluted, thus contaminating our water and food. Because of all this, that point occasionally reacts to pressure.

This point may also be occasionally painful in people living close to nuclear power stations — usually a good massage helps the body to secrete the excess Strontium.

Vigorous massaging of the point particularly with Celestine helps the body to cope better with the substance and to secrete it. This is very important, because continued contamination with Strontium may result in leukaemia.

In homeopathy, Strontium carbonate is used to treat recurring sprains and blockages of the ankle.

This is probably the reason why people who treat such injuries with foot baths in precious stone water have recovered more quickly.

Optimally suited to stimulate this point or for a bath are the Boji stones, a Celestine or an Antimonite.

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