Tin and Vitamin B15 (Pangamic acid) Copy

Two fingers below the Inosite point is the test and therapy point for Tin.

Tin is used as a solder and together with Copper you get bronze. It is also wanted for alloys which are used in the conservation of food.

So there is a chance that people who eat lots of canned food have a weak point.

In homeopathy Tin is for general regeneration and strengthens people who are weak, but also against arthritis and other detox processes. Support with Tin in minimal doses is beneficial to the liver.

Of all the metals, Tin is the least toxic and is also contained in the saliva glands of the mouth and stomach — and this helps in the overall digestion processes of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Directly to the left of the sternum in the intercostal space between the 5th and the 6th rib is the point for Pangamic acid or the Vitamin B15 metabolism. This space can still be felt, further down the ribs are much closer to each other attached to the sternum.

Vitamin B15 or Pangamic acid, as it is also called, may be considered as one of the most important vitamins, as it stimulates the metabolic processes in the muscle and nerve cells and is necessary for resistance to infection.

Vitamin B15 also plays an important part in the cortex, liver, kidneys and the heart. For a certain time, Pangamic acid is even able to compensate for an oxygen deficiency in the heart.

In this case it is helpful to use an Apophyllite or Zircon for massaging the point, or to make poultices on the chest with water made from one of these stones.

However, if the point is very painful, consult a doctor to exclude serious cardiac defect.

In cases of rheumatic diseases, this Vitamin B15 point also often tests weak. In this situation it is recommended to glue small slivers of Garnet or Sodalith to the painful areas or to make precious stone water and use it for poultices.

Rice bran and seed contains larger amounts of Vitamin B15, so during winter when we get less oxygen from the plants, it is useful to make sprouts.

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