Vitamin B12 Copy

The point which is at the same place on the left side of the body as the point for the Acidophilus zone is related to Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin), i. e. has a reference to Cobalt. If it is painful, there is usually a deficiency of this vitamin.

It will always feel disagreeable or painful if the occurrence of chemical and radioactive substances in our environment is too high and our organism cannot cope, as the body’s own resistance is too weak.

Sufficient absorption of Vitamin B12 from the intestinal tract is dependent on healthy gastric juices.

Cobalt improves the absorption of Iron in the intestines and also influences the thyroid glands ability to absorb Iodine. If a patient suffers from a Cobalt deficiency, he should be given Vitamin B12 in the short term, particularly, because poor Erythrocyte maturation and a serious disorder of the nervous system (bone marrow) might already be present.

If this point has to be treated for a long time, this may indicate that the Intrinsic factor is missing (bonding of Vitamin B12 to a substance from the stomach acids). This should be checked with a doctor prior to taking a supplement, so that the vitamin is not simply excreted again from the body unused. In addition to taking Vitamin B12, the point should be massaged, together with the points for Ribonucleic acid and Folic acid (at the head), as well as the Methionine point on the sternum — to improve utilization.

Vitamin B12 is found in pulses, in the roots of plants, nuts, cocoa, grain, mutton, herring, tuna, rosefish, buckling, beef kidneys and heart and chicken heart.

Precious stones for massage:

Cobalt flower, Sodalite, Calcite, Chalcedony, Sapphire and Dumortierite.

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