Vitamin B13 (Orotic acid) Copy

This test and therapy point, which is four fingers breadth below the Iodine point (in the thymus gland region), may indicate an Orotic acid deficiency and/or a Vitamin B13 deficiency. This zone is slightly raised when a finger is gently moved up and down the sternal bone.

As Orotic acid fulfils an important function in the body, it was given the name Vitamin B13. Orotic acid is absorbed by the liver and increases the protein and nucleic acid synthesis.

A deficiency of this vitamin is frequently found mainly in people with weak memory, bad concentration, growth problems of children and slow regulation after an illness.

The intestinal flora reacts sensitively if Vitamin B13 metabolism is not balanced. Vitamin B13 also supports the effect of Vitamin B12 in its function for the Nucleic acid metabolism. In case of a weak Vitamin B12-point, please give a massage to both points — Vitamin B13 and Vitamin B12.

For massaging, use Hawk’s eye, Celestine or Heliodor.

Orotic acid is available in whey, milk and yeast. Therefore it may be possible that additionally the Acidophilus point (utilization of lactic acid) is also slightly painful.

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