Vitamin B6 Copy

Another point lies on the left eye lid and means — if it is sensitive to pressure — that there is a slight Vitamin B6 deficiency and/or a dysfunction in the utilisation of the offered vitamin.

If this point feels almost numb, there is a greater Vitamin B6 deficiency.

This vitamin is necessary for the protein and cell-metabolism, among others for the synthesis of Niacin from Tryptophane and is needed for forming some tissue hormones like Histamine, Serotonin, Epinephrine and others.

If there is a Vitamin B6 deficiency, seborrheic changes of the skin may occur as well as muscle degeneration or diseases of the nerves. When pregnant women get nauseous they need to drink more and enrich their diet with Vitamin B6 containing nutrients so that neither the mothers nor their future children later suffer from this deficiency.

Also, if this vitamin is deficient Calcium and Phosphorus cannot be properly utilised and Iron absorption is not optimally guaranteed, so these points also need to be stimulated, ideally with a Citrin, an Onyx or a Tourmaline.

Vitamin B6 is sufficiently present in yeast, liver, salads, green vegetables, bananas, barley and maize, milk, egg yolk and fish.

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