Wolfram Copy

Directly at the top of the bottom there is a little dent between the coccyx and the sacrum where we find the test and massage point for Wolfram.

Wolfram belongs to the Chromium group and can be found in all steel alloys and is the anode material in X-ray tubes. Also the filament in our lamps is made out of Wolfram — in addition, this material is used in glasses for optical reasons.

Experience shows that this point is often very sensitive when parents cannot accept a pregnancy — e. g. in war or when there are difficult social circumstances.

It was also found out in the past that a jaw or pelvis skew is related to this zone of Wolfram. In order to achieve a balancing effect the point should be massaged more often and it might be useful to apply packings on the joints concerned.

It is interesting that we only find the Scheelite in the world of minerals belonging to the heart Chakra because of its crystal structure. This is very remarkable in my point of view, as there is hardly anyone who does not know of the effects caused by a birth shock — it is not so easy to be born and to have to “function” on one’s own — after having been embedded in warmth and comfort for months.

“Something goes straight to the heart” as there is a common saying.

Dear Reader,

after having checked properly all points one by one  you certainly have noticed that the single points react in a very different way. You can assume that painful zones are an indication that the body still fights massively to assimilate the food or the nutrients as well as possible — this means that there has not yet been a direct lack.

But when the point is insensible there is a slight or massive lack of nutrients.

In this case it is interesting to find out the moment, when the body has received an abundance of this nutrient, so that the situation of lack can also be solved on an emotional / spiritual level – this can be supported best with a useful stone from Mother Earth.

I wish you good results and health !

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