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You are going to love this breaking news; imagine having a helper next to your Bicom that can remember over 10 million characters from every piece of Bicom course, white papers, user manuals etc!!!

Then you can describe a condition, symptom, diagnosis or anything you like and it will search all the papers and return a suggested therapy plan.

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Bicom bioresonance Ai therapy generator

Why Bicom Training?

Video Presentation and instructions to guide you every steps of the way.
Manufacturer approved manuals and course material to download or hardcopies delivered.
Quiz style exam at the end of each section add to your final certificate.
Introduction to Bioresonance
Basic Bicom Therapies
Basic principles of bioresonance
Setting up a bicom
Advanced allergies

Meet your instructors

Chris Russell
Regumed trained therapist and training support for Bicom
Dr Sabine Rauch
Is one of the most respected Bicom trainers, Regumed uses her to develop programs and ampoules for the Optima therapy devices. She is the first state registered doctor to be approved for bioresonance in Sweden.
Antonina Rome
Expirenced therapist and writer of number of
training manuals
David Franklin
Agent for Regumed in the UK, supplier and trainer for
Bicom products.