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BICOM® Basic Training Program

First course image

Introduction Hello and congratulations on deciding to work with BICOM bioresonance. We are pleased to welcome you to the basic training program. This training will guide you through vital and fundamental knowledge about the BICOM bioresonance method. My name is Antonina Rome and I am medical doctor with 20 years of experience in bioresonance. After participating in the basic training program, you can start practicing BICOM bioresonance and treating patients right away. In this basic training […]

J: 2018 Advanced Combined Test Technique

Dear BICOM therapists, I have been working for many years with the Combined Test Technique (CTT) and would like to share with this BICOM CTT manual my own experiences and the experiences of my colleagues Dr. Wolfgang Rohrer and Jörg Fiedler with this system with you. It contains information on the use of CTT ampoules […]

B: Basic Bicom Therapies

The rest of this course will cover simple protocols you will be able to follow as a beginner but it is important to remember these two methods as you move into the specific procedures involved in a complete treatment.