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Autoimmune disease – Thyroid & Adrenal Glands

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It’s with great excitement that we can introduce this online autoimmune course to you. This is an online version of the sell-out classroom courses held in Germany by Dr. Sabine Rauch. Dr. Rauch is one of the world’s leading bioresonance therapists. She is the only conventional Dr approved by the Swedish medical Board to test and treat patients using the Bicom bioresonance device. She has been used by Regumed to create new therapy programs and enhance existing ones on the Optima range and she has also assisted in the creation of some of the CTT testing kits.

Autoimmune problems are on the rise throughout the world and this presents a real challenge to many doctors and therapists. In this course, you will learn all about the autoimmune system, the interplay with other glands and organs, results of environmental, food and other toxin stresses and how to treat the conditions.

Lesson 1 is on the thyroid gland and is divided into 12 topics. You will learn important subjects such as the role of the thyroid, metabolism, acid production and relation to hearts, liver, gallbladder, other glands, and sex hormones.

Lesson 2 discusses disorders of the thyroid and is divided into four topics. You will learn all about hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Lesson 3 discusses Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and is divided into 28 topics. You will learn all about this condition what are its causes its triggers its symptoms how to get a diagnosis what conventional medicine can offer and how Bicom therapy can be used to dramatically improve the condition.

Lesson 4 is on the adrenal glands and its divided into 41 topics. You will learn important subjects such as the anatomy, structure, and medulla. Important functions of the adrenal glands, the important hormones secreted, diseases of the adrenal glands, conventional and bioenergetic testing and important treatment protocols.

Each topic contains a short quiz to ensure you have grasped the important, information answers need to be correct to move to the next topic. You will enjoy being able to follow this course at your own pace and move backwards or forwards as required. This course has no expiry time allowing you to come back as many times as required. A certificate will be presented at the end of the course to add to your qualifications. So please sign up today and start benefiting from this remarkable course written and endorsed by Dr. Rauch.

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