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BICOM® Basic Training Program

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Hello and congratulations on deciding to work with BICOM bioresonance. We are pleased to welcome you to the basic training program. This training will guide you through vital and fundamental knowledge about the BICOM bioresonance method.

My name is Antonina Rome and I am medical doctor with 20 years of experience in bioresonance.

After participating in the basic training program, you can start practicing BICOM bioresonance and treating patients right away.

In this basic training program, we will address three main aims. These are:

  • To understand the basic scientific principles on which the BICOM bioresonance method has been developed.
  • To learn how to set up and operate the BICOM optima device and its accessories. You will become well acquainted with the device and should be able to handle it with confidence.
  • To understand the therapy concept and be able to start treating your first patients with the BICOM bioresonance method with the help of BICOM protocols.

There are a series of training videos which accompany this script. Please watch and work through the materials at a pace which suits you.