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5.8 Patient Management Copy

When treating pain with MET, it is important to think holistically – beyond the immediate area of pain.

During the treatment, re-evaluate the patient’s pain every two to three minutes or after each “set”.  A treatment session should be stopped when 100% of the pain is gone, if there is no further improvement after 2 or 3 sets, or when the patient feels stiff due to increased range of motion.

Patients can be treated as often as necessary, although every other day is usually sufficient. Some acute or severe conditions may require several treatments a day.

Once satisfactory results have been achieved, intervals between treatments can usually be increased.

For the best results, MET treatments should be followed by a 20-minute cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) session. CES is effective in addressing emotional distress and psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety, insomnia and depression, that often accompany pain and hinder a patient’s recovery. Incorporating CES in the treatment of chronic pain has been shown to have a positive cumulative response over multiple sessions.

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