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At rest, the normal pulse should be around 70 — it normally increases by about 12 beats per minute after eating because the body needs to work harder to burn the food, the reaction is an increased pulse frequency.

I was happy to discover that my pulse behaved really well and reacted to a meal within the normal range, so I thought: How nice that my metabolism works so well.

Yet I started to have some doubts whether this method, from which you should get an indication of an allergen or a stressful respectively incompatible food, is really as good as I originally thought and as is described in the book.

After approximately two weeks I got the answer. After a visit to the sauna, my husband and I got hungry and thirsty and went to the bar at the sports centre to have some water and eat a salami sandwich. I was shocked that after this snack my pulse increased relatively quickly and was just above 100 after 20 minutes.

According to the book of Dr. Coca, a healthy pulse should not increase to more then 86, otherwise one is dealing with an incompatibility. This proved that this method has a deeper meaning and background than I had meanwhile thought. This was finally the desired confirmation about the validity of Dr. Coca’s book.

As a result I stopped eating salami in order not to strain my organism —physically, I did not have any negative reaction. Now I knew that it was not always necessary to have a physical reaction to food or stimulants — although the body is actually stressed in the short term.

Now I needed to investigate further in that direction and also to look for food incompatibilities in my patients — in order to be able to find the key to healing and the background to the deregulation.

A good friend of mine, who had serious weight problems and who was prepared to do anything to find the causes, agreed spontaneously to carry out the pulse control prior and after eating and to record the details.

When she came to see me after two weeks, showing me her list, I found it quite difficult to evaluate because the pulse was clearly higher after each meal, irrespective of what she had eaten. The only thing I noticed was that she had eaten an apple almost after every meal. She explained to me that these apples came from her father’s place and that they were totally organic and they could not possibly be the reason.

I remained sceptical, however, and when I looked more closely at the pulse list, I noticed that the pulse always went up after meal when she had finished it with an apple — while it remained in its normal range with its reaction without the apple. So I asked my friend to do another 14 days of control testing — so that we could find the “culprit” which continuously overtaxed her metabolism.

After 3 or 4 days I got a call in the morning — it was indeed the apple which pushed her pulse up, in spite of being totally organic. She wanted to test it conclusively, so she just had an apple this morning in order to prove to me that they were okay — and still the pulse rate had shot up, which she really could not understand.

I have meanwhile found confirmed that most people have problems with their allergies and particularly neurodermatitis when they change to a “healthy” diet. The reason for this is that the human organism is unable to cope with the increased supply — usually of vitamins — if it has problems with the processing and digestion of a smaller quantity of healthy substance in the food. Here only specific treatment of the conspicuous nutrient point can provide permanent relief — but I did not know that at this time.

Next week-end my friend brought the apple mentioned and I took acupuncture measurements. I noticed that both, the allergy point at the middle finger and the heart point at the 5th finger, clearly reacted to the various apple varieties.

Comparative measurements taken on myself and my family with the same apples yielded completely normal results.

The next step was that I treated my friend with these apples (bioresonance therapy), as the body was unable to cope with them — and the reaction at the two afore-mentioned acupuncture points normalised.

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