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Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) and Vitamin A Copy

This point lies in the little dimple at the outer edge of the corner of the right eye and signalises a Vitamin B5 deficiency if it is sensitive to pressure.

Pantothenic acid — another name for Vitamin B5 — intervenes with the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins and helps the body in the detoxification (mainly in the secretion of pharmaceutical products). It also promotes the metabolism of the skin and hair growth (even if lumps of hair fall out) and helps generally fighting infections.

It also takes part in the production of Coenzyme A in the body.

A gentle massage of this point is beneficial with sun burn and functional disturbances of the suprarenal cortex (e. g. formation of cortisone).

A Chrysoberyl or a Tanzanite is optimally suited to stimulate this small hollow.

Vitamin B5 is present in peas, cauliflower, maize, mushrooms, grains, yeast, rice bran, potatoes and offal.

This point signals a Vitamin and/or Provitamin A deficiency; by pressing the right eyelid slightly, the therapist can check the Vitamin and/or Provitamin A supply in the patients body — if there is a deficiency, a slight pressure is perceived as unpleasant.

This is quite common — presumably because of the great strain our eyes suffer from the constant stimulation. If there is a Vitamin A deficiency, a person might become night-blind — or suffer from inflammation of the mucous membrane or problems with bone growth. The skin too reacts to a lack of this vitamin — it becomes dry and forms calluses, warts and corns.

Vitamin A also has an influence on the thyroid gland and the liver and Hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach, if there is a deficiency.

The natural presence in apricots, broccoli, butter, egg yolk, green salads, carrots, liver, fish from the sea, milk, green peppers, parsley, spinach, tomatoes etc. should be sufficient to satisfy normal demand. However, if Provitamin A is lacking, it can only mean that the body is unable to utilise the offered Provitamin.

In case of patients with corns, warts, acne or brittle hair and nails you need to check also the points for Pancreatic juices and Bile acid, because if there is a deficiency, the fat-soluble Vitamin A is not sufficiently utilised. For gentle massaging use a Dumortierit or a Staurolith.

Patients with POLLEN-ALLERGY need to have the Protein, Ribonucleic acid and Vitamin A point stimulated. Even during an acute episode the treatment of these points will result in fast relief, particularly if a Rock Crystal or an Amber is used.

The first two points help in the body’s own protein reacting once again to the foreign protein. By gently massaging the right eye lid the circulation is improved, thus normalising blood circulation and breathing. It is also an advantage to pinch briskly the Manganese point to the left of the navel.

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