This training site is for approved owners of Bicom Bioresonance equipment. This site is only for instructional use and not promotional. The majority of the information is restricted to approved members for this reason. If you are interested in this form of therapy then please register on the form below and we will send more information. Please begin the approval process by purchasing Gold Membership or logging in with your approved account. Please email us if you have misplaced your login username, if you cannot remember the password then click the password reset link. VISIT MEMBER PAGE

The videos have been designed to make online training as realistic and as close to classroom training as possible. Bioresonance training does involve some visual demonstrations of bioresonance therapy sessions that cannot be accomplished with just manuals. Some of our training videos include an animated bioresonance practitioner following the steps as required as per the program instructions. Practitioners are able to visit the training videos at any time, not just during the course programs. Our helpful team are available to offer support via email or the live chat feature.

The images below are just some of the videos used in the training courses


In addition to the training videos, we have white papers, therapy tips and other resources to build your knowledge and skills to provide effective bioresonance medicine treatment. Login details are required to access the training system found on this website.

Patients from around the world benefit greatly from the service of effective therapists.

Once you have completed the seminars, Qualifications or certificates similar to a diploma are provided to display on your clinic wall. Membership to the bioresonance institute is also provided. Some of the videos show the anatomy of the body but in illustration form and are suitable for all ages. It’s important to work on the overall health and physiology of the body when using bioresonance devices.

Throughout the training videos, you will learn all about the Bicom bioresonance method, how energy medicine and how bioenergetic energy healing affects pathology. As the Bicom has only been approved for allergies this is the only protocol discussed openly, however upon login, many other areas of interest are covered along with new areas of interest.

We currently don’t offer newsletter register notifications but notifications are supplied about course progress and updates. A number of practitioners have asked if we send out in the mail, printed course materials. For copyright purposes we don’t supply this, the format is all online with access for life. We are very interested in helping you to build a successful business using this incredible bioresonance therapy and we are constantly adding new research as it is made available.