Bicom Body Check (BBC2) report to therapy suggestions

CategoryOptima ProgramsProgram sequence (including individual programs) / Low deep frequency programs / Alternative programsBicom 2000Single ProgramsCTT ampoules (test kits)
Adrenal glands270.1271.110070 (3049, 934.1)270271934Triple Warmer (5E)
Blood, immune system300.1301.110074 (570.1, 428.2, 930.3, 560.1, 561)300301570Spleen (5E)
Bones and joints320.1321.110081 (922.3, 927.7, 930.3, 910.7)320321927Spine + large and small joints (5E)
Central Nervous System230.1231.13340.0* or 940.2230231940CNS (5E)
Ears530.1591.110117 (922.2, 500.6, 930.3)530590500Sensory organs (5E)
Esophagus and stomach330.1331.110099 (330.2, 321.2, 534.2, 827.1, 241.2)330331568Stomach (5E)
Eyes3011.0524.110020 (418.0, 3011.0)310311418Sensory organs 5E), liver (5E)
Heart280.1281.1401.1280281401Heart (5E)
Intestines290.1291.110040 (565.0, 3084.0, 3116.0)290291930Small and large intestines (5E)
Kidney and bladder380.1381.110114 (3078, 482.0, 3080.0)380381480Kidney + Bladder (5E)
Liver and gall bladder310.1311.110093 (3063.0, 430.2)310311430Liver + gall bladder (5E)
Lymph system200.1201.110097 (3066, 930.3)200201930Lymph (5E)
Muscles and tendons630.1931.1589.2 *630931941Muscular system (5E) + tendons (5E) + liver (5E)
Oral cavity922.1923.1530.922923530Skin (5E)
Pancreas300.1301.110118 (3081.0, 935.0)300301580Pancreas (5E)
Peripheral nervous system230.1231.1911.1230231911
Pituitary gland and hypothalamus270.1271.13422.0*
10072 (916.1, 907)
270271916Triple warmer (5E)
Respiratory organs210.1211.110030 (3013, 423.1)210211423Lungs (5E)
Sexual organs
Male270.1271.110123 (934.1, 580.4, 321.3, 811.2, 402.2)270271934Male genitals (5E)
Female270.1271.13049.0270271934Female genitals (5E)
Breast270.1271.13049.0270271934Female genitals (5E)
Skin350.1351.13041.0350351930Skin (5E)
Thyroid548.0934.110137 (980.2, 981.1, 934.1)548934980Triple warmer (5E)
Vessels240.1241.13061.0240241922Circulation (5E)
Energetic dysbalances
Blood and lymph dysbalances10029 (3021, 310.2)930 + 310Lymph (5E)
Blood flow10043 (3032.0, 502.1)502 + 504Circulation (5E)
Degenerative and dystrophic disorders10058 (3040.0, 925.0)925 + 923Kidney (5E)
Endogenous dysregulation10073 (3053.0, 953.0)953Triple warmer (5E) Spleen (5E)
Endocrine dysbalances10070 (3049.0, 934.1)934 + 980Hormonal imbalance (5E)
Exogenous dysregulation10312 (970.5, 984)970 + 984Allergic strain (5E)
Hyper and neoplastic dysbalance10058 (3040.0, 925.0)925 + 923Degenerated cells (5E)
Immunological dysbalances10073 (3053.0, 953.0)953Spleen (5E)
Metabolic dysbalance10159 (3106.0, 3107.0, 530.4)530Metabolism (5E)
Neurological dysbalance10194 (3032.0, 3047.0, 940.2)940CNS (5E) Encephalon (5E)
Vegetative dysbalances10169 (915.2, 940.2, 960.4, 900.1)960CNS (5E)
Energetic Stresses
Animal hair984.0984Allergic strain (5E)
Bacteria3013.0505Bacterial strain (5E)
Building materials971.1970Domiciliary toxins (Allergic strains)
Chemical material and medication971.1970Chemical strain (5E)
Electrosmog701.1701Radiation strain (5E)
Emotional stress3137.0* or 960.4960Stress (Allergic strains)
Environmental pollutants971.1970Environmental strain (5E)
Food additives984.0984Food Chemistry (Allergic strains)
Food984.0984Food Chemistry (Allergic strains)
Fungi3013.0505Mycosal strain (5E)
Gases and exhaust971.1970Environmental strain (5E)
Geopathy700.1700Geopathic strain (5E)
Household and dust984.0984Allergic strain (5E)
Herbs and spices984.0984Food Chemistry (Allergic strains)
Medical materials971.1970Heavy metal (Allergic strains)
Metals971.1970Heavy metal (Allergic strains)
Moulds3013.0505Mycosal strain (5E)
Parasites3013.0505Parasitic strain (5E)
Pesticides and fertilizers971.1970Environmental strain (5E)
Pollen and plants984.0984Allergic strain (5E)
Synthetics971.1970Domiciliary Toxins (Allergic strains)
Toxins971.1970Environmental strain (5E)
Vaccinations428.1428Vaccination strain (5E)
Varnish, paints and solvents971.1970Domiciliary Toxins (Allergic strains)
Viruses3013.0505Viral strain (5E)