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C: Basic Principles of Bioresonance

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Practitioners of Bioresonance Therapy use components of traditional Chinese medicine to both aid diagnosis and to treat patients. As a student of BRT it is, therefore, essential to acquire a basic understanding of its principles.

In diagnosing imbalances, we use knowledge of meridians, chi and Yin/Yang to:

• Understand the body and its connections.
• Observe the energetic status of an individual.
• Observe the imbalances of the body.
• Observe the status of specific organs/systems.
• Test for toxic strains.
• Test for needed beneficial substances.

In treatment, we use this knowledge to:

• Balance the overall energetic status of the body.
• Balance specific meridians.
• Treat toxic strains and related organs/systems.
• Treat with needed beneficial substances.
• Support specific organs/systems.

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