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1.16 Stop smoking Copy

Stop smoking

Before using this program we recommend checking the functionality of the elimination organs especially the kidneys and liver and if necessary activate them.

Bioresonance therapy has been used as an effective alternative anti-smoking treatment option for several years. The therapy records the specific oscillations from cells, organs and tissues within the body. This procedure then identifies disturbing electromagnetic patterns that smoking causes in the body. After identifying these patterns, oscillations are changed by the device into a healing therapy form and then sent back into the patient’s body. The result is complete detoxification from all harmful toxins that smoking causes in the body, including nicotine. With this treatment option, nicotine is taken out of the system and cravings for nicotine in the future is alleviated.

Many patients have been able to stop smoking within their first therapy session. A session lasts a total of one hour and it has helped people who have been smokers for several years. In one case, Banyan Retreat was able to provide relief to a man that smoked a total of 3 packets per day. The man was able to give up smoking in one single session. Another case, by the same company, provided relief for a person that smoked 2 packets per day for more than 40 years. This case also required a single session.

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