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2.7 Fourth Week Copy

Fourth session

The fourth session concerns itself mainly with wheat therapy. We recommend that the patient follows a strict abstinence according to the information attached. A basic therapy is no longer necessary.

The program sequence for the 4th session is 10453. This includes geopathic stress, scar interference and a comprehensive therapy for the wheat stress.

The electrode placement is as follows: place the large flexible electrode connected to a black cable along the stomach. The output is the modulation mat which is placed on the back of the patient.

In the program sequence, a change of electrodes is programmed. At the predetermined spot, the program stops running allowing you to remove the input electrodes from the patient and place the wheat ampoule from the ampoule set of the Standardised Basis Systematic in the input cup. The patient now has only the modulation mat on the back. Now continue with the treatment.

Program sequence: 10453

701.1: Radiation and electrosmog exposure (5 min)

910.3: Eliminate scar interference 1st program (6 min)


3151.0, 157.0, 691.0: Pathogenes Ai (wheat) (25 min)

Total time: 36 min

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