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Accessories of the BICOM optima device

2.1.1         Included accessories

When you purchased your BICOM optima device, you will have also received these standard accessories:

  • The modulation mat
  • The test and therapy stylus
  • Cylindrical hand applicators
  • Black and red safety plug cables
  • The BICOM cupboard
  • Ampules for standardized basic systematic

Cylindrical hand applicators

The cylindrical applicators are primarily used as input applicators, for transferring the frequency information of the patient into the BICOM device. They are made of brass and are also used for conductance value testing, for determining the overall energetic state of a patient.

Test and therapy stylus

The test and therapy stylus is also used for conductance value testing, as well as for EAP testing and therapy. It consists of two parts: a test stylus, which is connected to a dark blue cable, and a light blue cable connected to a cylindrical hand applicator.

Modulation mat

The modulation mat is an output applicator. It comes in three sizes. Large (standard set), as well as small and the power applicator version (additional accessories). It produces a weak magnetic field as a transport medium for the treatment information. It is normally placed on a patient‘s back and is the main method of delivering the therapy. It is connected to the socket marked “Mat.”


Safety plug cables

A number of safety plug cables are also included. The safety plug cables are inserted into the color-coded sockets on the back of the device or if you have a mobile device, on the side. They have a safety plug on each end and can therefore be plugged into one another whenever you need many cables and there is no socket left free.

Black cable is always used as an input, meaning that the black cable transfers the information from the patient into the device. The red cable is instead used as an output, meaning that the red cable brings information from the device to the patient.

There is a very useful analogy that helps you to remember which cable is which. Black usually represents something bad, dirty, so the black cable brings pathological waves / unhealthy waves from the body into the device – therefore black = input. Quite the opposite goes for the red cable or green cable of the modulation mat: red or green are colorful, beautiful colors and therefore red cable (or green cable in modulation mat) bring good beautiful modified waves from the device into the body – therefore red/green = output.

BICOM Cupboard

The BICOM cupboard consists of three different cups, black, yellow and red. Like with the colored cables, black stands for input, yellow for Channel 2 and red for output.

The input cup is used for incorporating the frequencies of patient samples or substances into the therapeutic circle. The therapist puts these inside the cup and then the information is then transferred into the device for further modulation.

The Channel 2 or yellow cup is used for supportive substances; with the information is then transferred into the device for further amplification.

The output cup has the same function as the red cable and the healthy modulated signals are transferred into this cup. If we place a storage medium in it e.g. BICOM TRACE ELEMENTS or BICOM OIL, it will be transformed as a remedy. This way we can provide patients with individualized therapy to continue at home. The cupboard is only included with the B32 or B34 devices. Mobile devices (BM34) have the cupboard already integrated.

Ampules for Standardized Basic Systematic

Another standard accessory is the set of ampules for the standardized basic systematic. This is a 5-week protocol for treating allergies and many chronic diseases.

In order to support the therapy, the ampoules are included. These should be placed in the black input cup or yellow support cup of the cupboard or BICOM optima Mobil when instructed to in the therapy steps. The ampules contain the frequency information of different organs or stressing substances. The standardized basic systematic protocol will be discussed in detail in a later unit.

2.1.2         Additional accessories

In addition to the accessories already discussed, you may have also got a starter set, or purchased additional accessories too. The most commonly used additional accessories are:

  • Hand plate applicators
  • Knob applicator
  • Therapy stylus applicator
  • Ball applicators
  • Gold finger applicator
  • Roller applicator
  • Flexible applicators
  • Memory device + chips
  • BICOM Trace Elements + BICOM Oil

The hand plate applicators used widely for a variety of therapy options including basic therapy. They are made of brass with a cork underside.

Ball applicators are also brass applicators and are used primarily for allergy therapy, whilst held in both hands. Brass applicators should be cleaned often with the specially designed REGUMED BiClean cleaner.

The knob applicator is attached to the handle or therapy stylus applicator and is used for treating specific points of the body or acupuncture points.

Likewise, the roller applicator and gold finger applicator can be used for treating specific parts of the body. These applicators can be sterilized so are useful for treatment of areas such as the mouth.

Flexible applicators are supplied in a range of sizes and shapes. They are made of flexible rubber which allows them to flexibly adapt to the patient´s body surface. The black side is placed on the patient´s skin. Flexible applicators cannot be sterilized but should be disinfected after each treatment.

The BICOM programs provide recommendations for which applicators should be used and where they should be placed. All applicators can be used as an input (attached by the black cable) or output (attached by the red cable).

BICOM Trace Elements and BICOM Oil are carrier substances for digitized frequencies. The bottles can be placed in the red output cup during the therapy session. All therapy information from the session is then transferred and stored on these carrier substances. It is a way of prolonging the treatment as patients use them also at home. The patient can add drops of Trace Elements to their water, or massage the BICOM Oil into the targeted area of the therapy.

Another way of prolonging the therapy is to use the BICOM memory device and chips. The chip device is connected to the modulation mat, which means that treatment frequencies also pass through the memory device during the therapy. If a chip is inserted into the chip device, then the treatment frequencies are also transmitted to the chip. The chip can then be affixed to the patient, prolonging the effect of the therapy. BICOM chips are usually used instead of Trace Elements or BICOM Oil, as the principle is the same, but can be used in combined. In the mobile device the memory device it is integrated.

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