Mercury Copy

A derailment in the utilization of Mercury is tested by touching a point which is at the same level as the Selenium point, but at the inner edge of the right Sternocleidomastoid muscle.

Mercury is a cell and nerve poison, depending on the quantities, of course. In small quantities, this trace element fulfils an important task in our respiratory system, the glandular and immune systems and regulates our thought and speech centre via the nervous system. Mercury has also an interesting effect during colds and sinusitis, tonsillitis and ear infections.

Mercury contributes to detoxification in the liver particularly if food has been eaten that contains high quantities of pesticides and fertilizer.

Based on Mercury containing pesticides which were used lavishly for a while in agriculture, the seeds are partly so contaminated that a lot of birds were dying. If the muscle test at this point is weak — which is very rare — the patient must also be tested for an allergy to Eiderdowns.

Because of the polluted waters fish have increasingly absorbed this trace element — and after beef was fed with fish meal, it got back to us again.

Dental treatment with amalgam (alloy of Mercury, Silver, Copper and Tin) or if the mother was treated with this substance during pregnancy may also result in a sensitivity or numbness and be the reason of a blockage to Mercury, since the organism has forgotten how to absorb the necessary traces.

It was found that children with hyperkinetic problems usually have been exposed to amalgam problems at an early stage.

Mercury is present in Cinnabar, a mineral which affects the 5th Chakra.

Selenium is the antagonist to Mercury — if the behaviour of the point is conspicuous, watch out for the Vitamin B6 household and the reaction at the Vitamin E point (on the left eye and/or right clavicle).

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