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Sodium Copy

If the nourishment contains enough salt, there is hardly an abnormal reaction noticeable, if the Sodium point is tested. It is found in the angle of the left lower jaw.

As mentioned before, Sodium has a close relationship to Potassium and regulates the water metabolism, the acid-alkaline balance and is important for the nervous system and the function of the muscles.

Together with Chlorine we find Sodium in our normal salt for cooking.

Some people are afraid to use salt, and in this case the test might be a bit weak and the point sensible. But enough Sodium is vital for our nerves. However, this can usually be corrected in a short time.

If too much salt is eaten it is possible that the kidneys no longer manage to secrete the salt excessively present in the organism. Often the body reacts with sweat — but this is not the right way. It is a better idea to take smaller amounts of salt, and if there is a craving, to rather massage the point at the left lower jaw.

We find also parts of Sodium in different stones:

  • Chakra Brazilianite, Jade, Moonstone
  • Chakra Lapislazuli, Sodalite
  • Chakra Amazonite, Labradorite or Spektrolite, Larimare Chakra Agate, Indigolith, Schorl rock, Verdelite 7.
  • Chakra Sugilite

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