Vitamin D Copy

This point is found at the same place as the previous point, but on the left-hand side of the body. Vitamin D controls the Calcium Phosphorus metabolism.

Vitamin D not only controls the Calcium Phosphorus metabolism, but also has an influence on the para-thyroidal gland.

It was also found that if this point is weak or painful, only the utilization of consumed Provitamin is disturbed.

Adding Vitamin D to a diet should be considered only rarely, since an overdose favours Calcium deposits in the kidneys and blood vessels, resulting in higher blood pressure. This might favour the starting of arteriosclerosis.

Treating this point with the finger or a blunt object for regulating the utilization has been sufficient in most cases. Ideally suited are Celestine and Staurolite.

Sufficient quantities of Vitamin D are in cod liver oil, soya, pulses, beer yeast, smoked eel, halibut, sardines, young cod and tuna and sunlight — favours the production of Vitamin D in the body.

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