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Vitamin E and Chlorophyll Copy


Vitamin E deficiency may be tested via a point which lies on the right-hand side of the body in the middle and at the lower edge of the clavicle. It is frequently slightly sore — particularly in menopausal women – usually with a rather unpleasant feeling at the Gold point (on the back).

The incorrect utilisation of Vitamin E occurs most likely in hormonal dysfunctions, connective tissue diseases caused by muscles or rheumatism and people with open sores on legs — but also in pituitary gland dysfunctions or when the teeth appear to feel loose.

With a sensible and varied diet, the body generally gets enough Vitamin E, because it is contained in sufficient quantities in leafy vegetables, egg yolk, milk, butter, maize germ oil, beef liver, soya beans, whole grain products and wheat germ oil.

For massaging this point optimally suited are:

Fluorite or Lapislazuli which belong to the 2nd Chakra from Crystal-structure. As to the colours the stones influence the 4th, 5th and 6th Chakra.

The next point refers to Chlorophyll, the green colour in our plants and/or the Oxygen utilisation in our organism. The point is at the lower inner corner between breastbone and the clavicle on the right hand side of the body.

Chlorophyll converts light energy into chemical energy and facilitates the assimilation of Carbon dioxide (photosynthesis) by absorbing light energy.

The chemical constitution is similar to that of Haem in the reduced Haemoglobin — since this contains Iron, a weak muscle test of the Chlorophyll point usually shows Iron deficiency and thus also shows up in that point and is particularly significant there.

An interesting mineral for improving and building up the oxygen utilisation is Coral — which operates in all Chakras. Place some Coral overnight in some water and then make poultices on the abdomen (Iron region).

Use Haematite, a Smoked Quartz or a Ruby for massaging. All three stones belong to the 5th Chakra — but because of their colours they have an effect down to earth, and they give stabilization and stability.

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