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Why treat only the sick? Health prophylaxis with bioresonance

Dr. med. Jürgen Hennecke, Aachen
Prophylaxis (prevention) refers to the totality of all measures to prevent an impairment of health.
We distinguish between primary prophylaxis, which is intended to prevent the outbreak of a dis
ease in a (still) healthy person, and secondary prophylaxis, which is intended to prevent a relapse
of a healed or improved disease (recurrence prophylaxis). In both cases, the use of bioresonance
therapy has proven successful with patients, but also with therapists and practice staff.
1. Recurrence prophylaxis
You know the situation: the patient’s complaints have disappeared or improved significantly. A
treatment series has been completed.
The frequent question is: “What happens now?” There are two options: “We can finish the treat
ment now and you can contact us if any new symptoms reappear!” or “We can continue the treat
ment at longer intervals (e.g. every 46 weeks) to prevent worsening.”
We recommend the waitandsee approach to most of our allergy patients, for example, because
they usually remain largely symptomfree for many years. Recurrence prophylaxis however is rec
ommended for most chronic diseases, such as chronic pain or organ diseases, metabolic diseases,
immune and endocrine systems, autoimmune diseases and cancer.
Patients initially receive a therapy session monthly, and later possibly every 68 weeks. We rarely
use readymade program sequences. We test out the appropriate programs, usually a combina
tion of low and normal frequency programs. In addition, we use substance complexes or CTT am
poules in the 2nd channel.
Case studies
Case 1: Recurrent urinary tract infectionsJ.H., female 12 years old
Recurrent urinary tract infections since babyhood, sometimes residual urine, and almost always
nitrite in the urine. Frequent antibiotic treatments.
We treated the intestinal mycosis and the cow’s milk allergy, treated incriminating information
with “contraceptives” and streptococci and stabilized the bladder with bioresonance.
The young patient was initially symptomfree, and the urine was without findings.
Three months later, she again developed a febrile bladder infection with antibiotic treatment.
We decided to start bioresonance recurrence prophylaxis treatment. The patient came for a ther
apy session every 4 weeks and has not had a urinary tract infection for years since.

Input cup: urine; Input: bladder; Output: sit on mat

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Programs 922.2 (inflammation), 3018.0, 390.3 (bladder), 492.0 (urinary tract infection),
570.1 (defense increase)
Channel 2: Urinary tract infection (urology)

Case 2: Thyroid diseaseU.S., female, 42 years old
The tax consultant was diagnosed with Graves’ disease with hyperthyroidism. She refused radioio
dine treatment. Her general practitioner started her on 15 mg thiamazole.
Since she had had good experiences with the treatment of her bronchial asthma two years earlier,
she wanted to try bioresonance.
After four “acute treatments” once a week she felt subjectively much better and more efficient.
To maintain this level of health, she initially continued to come to therapy sessions monthly.
Input: neck; Output: mat on back
Programs 700.3 (geopathy), 3088.0 (thyroid), 548.0 (hyperthyroidism), 916.1 (pituitary)
Channel 2: Hyperthyroidism

Case 3: Liver diseaseK. R., female 60 years old
In addition to her hypertension and chronic asthma, the patient suffered from liver cirrhosis prob
ably due to alcohol. An ascites was already punctured in the hospital.
Since conventional medicine did not recommend any therapeutic offers other than abstinence
from alcohol, she decided to undergo bioresonance therapy.
After initially weekly treatments, she already felt much better, and her blood values improved. As
a prophylaxis against “aggravation” she continued to come for bioresonance every 23 weeks.
Input: right upper abdomen; Output: mat on back
Programs 3063.0, 3064.0, 430.2 (liver), 970.5 (detoxification).
Channel 2: Liver support

Case 4: Prostate diseaseH.P., male, 77 years old
The patient had his prostate removed due to carcinoma. Radiation or chemotherapy were not
necessary. Since then he suffered from urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction.
After six “acute treatments” including scar removal, the incontinence was already significantly im
proved. He continued to come monthly for therapy as “recurrence prophylaxis”.
Input: bladder; Output: sitting on mat
Programs 3124.0 (cell regeneration), 3094.0 (shock), 934.1 (hormones), 911.1 (nerves),
580.4 (prostate)
Channel 2: Prostate adenoma, KTT: Bladder, male genitalia

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Case 5: Cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, hormonal disturbances, gonarthrosisM.M., female,
61 years old
Already in 2004 (!) we treated this patient for tachycardia and multiple food allergies over several
weeks with bioresonance. She felt “so well” after the first treatment series that she wanted to be
treated further “prophylactically”. Since then (!) she came to BICOM therapy every 34 weeks.
The treatment regimen was adjusted every few months to meet her needs. Her last session:
Input: thymus; Output: mat on back
Programs 904.0 (heart), 934.1 (hormones)
Input: right upper abdomen; Output: mat left knee
Programs 922.2 (inflammation), 3056.0 (osteoarthritis)

Climacteric complaints are a grateful task for BICOM therapists.
After the 46 week acute treatment, patients like to come every 12 months for a “refresher”.
The individually suitable hormone programs should be tested. Here is a selection of the most com
mon programs in our clinic:
3048.0, 3049.0, 3050.0, 3030.0, 980.2, 981.1, 934.1, 916.1, 900.1
Channel 2: Climacteric complaints

For cancer patients, energetic recurrence prophylaxis is always recommended.
Here, the activation of the immune system is the main focus (see immune cure
below). If the “Degenerate Cells” test kit is used, the appropriate ampoules should be tested indi
vidually in each session.
In cases of unavoidable longterm exposure to toxins or pathogens, disease prophylaxis is indi
cated primarily when exposure to contaminants in the workplace or home cannot be prevented.
A dentist came regularly for toxin removal of amalgam. Contact with mercury cannot be avoided
when drilling out old fillings. Another dentist also suffered from chronic Lyme disease. For years
we regularly treated the combination borreliamercury. Also, wood preservatives and molds have
to be treated again and again in case of contamination of the living space or the workplace (take
Sellotape strips from the room).
Radiation exposure can often be reduced by appropriate interference suppression measures.
Prophylactic elimination of radiation exposure has also proved successful. Employees in nuclear
power plants, Xray assistants, frequent flyers, pilots and stewardesses come at regular intervals
for electrosmog therapy (Program 702, etc.)

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2. Primary prophylaxis
1. From the beginningnewborns and mothers
The belly button is the first scar of our life. It should be treated in time before it can leave patho
logical information in the small body as a scar interference field.
The cervical spine area can also test as a “scar” especially after precipitate labor, ventouse labor or
unfavourable positionings.
All medications taken by the mother during pregnancy (labor inhibitors or triggers, local anaes
thetics and narcotics, painkillers, sedatives, antibiotics, drugs(!), etc.) should be eliminated, but
also possible toxic exposures (amalgam of the mother, active or passive smoking, wood preserva
tives). They can play a role as a “trigger factor” for the occurrence of neurodermatitis, chronic res
piratory diseases or ADS syndrome. If necessary, also eliminate vitamin K (konakion), which most
babies receive after birth.
Neonatal prophylaxis
Input: square, flex. applicator on abdomen/chest; output: lie on mat
Programs (half time!):
Basic therapy, 910.3, 900.2 (scar), 3017.0 (blockage), 3095.0, 432.2 (shock).
For toxic or drug exposures:
Input: toxin, drug; output: lying on mat
11310 (963, 944, 998) or 10325 (3152, 158, 692)
Children from atopic families (1x a month):
Input: square, flex. applicator on abdomen/chest; output: lie on mat
Basic therapy, 428.2 (thymus), 3089.0 (mucosal regulation), 561.0 (intestinal flora),
900.1 (vitality)
Further recommendations: no cow’s milk and wheat products as far as possible in the baby ́s first
year, symbiosis control with probiotics, renunciation of caries prophylaxis with fluorine tablets,
concomitant treatment with necessary or desired vaccinations.
For the young mothers, treat the abdominal scars (csection, episiotomy, etc.). Programs to sup
port hormonal changes are also helpful.
Prophylaxis for mothers after childbirth
Input: square, flex. applicator on lower abdomen; output: sit on mat
Basic therapy, 910.3, 900.2 (scar), 3095.0, 432.2 (shock),
3049.0, 980.2, 981.1, 934.1 (hormones).

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2. Prophylaxis of vaccination prophylaxis
Every vaccination is a burden on the immune system and can lead to side effects in correspond
ingly sensitive patients. With the accompanying bioresonance therapy, “vaccination damage” can
be avoided as far as possible. There should be a preand posttreatment, if possible with the origi
nal vaccine (empty ampule with a residual drop of substance).
Vaccination prophylaxis
Input cup: blood o. Saliva Input: chest/belly Output: mat Program 428.1
Input cup: vaccine Input: no input Output: mat on back Program 996.0
Input cup: blood o. Saliva Input: chest/belly Output: mat Program 428.1
Input cup: vaccine Input: no input Output: mat on back
Programs 11310 (963, 944, 998) or 10325 (3152, 158, 692).
The bioresonance method has received special importance in the elimination of burdening infor
mation in the case of corona vaccinations. Here the prophylactic therapy and harmonization is
particularly important even before the appearance of possible symptoms! Even after the appear
ance of “vaccination damage” we can of course still help well with bioresonance.
3. Surgical and dental procedures
Wound infections, secondary wound healing and scar interference fields can usually be avoided if
surgical and dental operations are prepared and followed up with bioresonance therapy. Please
refer to the program handbook or the display in the BICOM optima for the known and proven pro
4. Bioresonance “Kur”/ health plan
The following are some suggestions from our practice. Of course, the programs can be varied or
tested in individual cases on the basis of our own experience. If nothing for the input cup is speci
fied, the information in the display applies.
a) In autumn, we recommend an immune health plan to our patients and ourselves. In addition,
or as an alternative to the flu vaccination, programs for stabilization of the immune system are
carried out. For the lowfrequency programs, the therapy time is shortened to 68 minutes.
According to the Chinese 5 elements, the functional element metal is assigned to
autumn. Therefore, a support of the meridians lung and large intestine is helpful.
We add to the 2nd channel a suitable substance complex, CTT meridian ampules and flower
essence mixtures according to Dr. Bach for psychovegetative stabilization.
Parallel to the 46 week application of the programs, potentized BICOM minerals are pre
pared with the device and administered, for example from blood or stool. We recommend 5
10 drops per day put into 1.5 l of water (then the patient also drinks enough).
Input: large flexible applicator on chest and abdomen; output: mat back

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Basic therapy, 3108.0, 428.2(thymus activation), 221.1, 562.0 (colon), 211.9, 3005.0 (lung),
3089.0 (mucosal regulation)
Channel 2: “immunodeficiency”, KTT: lung, colon
b) In winter, bioresonance brings light and vibration into the dark season. In the
vitality health plan, programs for vitality, immune stabilization and metabolism activation are
used. The element water is associated with this season and is supported through the bladder
and kidney meridian. Potentiation of blood or earwax.
Input cup: large flexible applicator chest and abdomen; output: mat back
Basic therapy, 3027.0, 900.1 (psychovegetative stabilization), 3066.0 (lymphatic activation),
3003.0, 570.1 (immune system), 3080.0 (kidney), 390.3 (bladder)
Channel 2: “energetic fitter”, KTT: kidney, bladder, lymph

c) In spring we offer our detoxification health plan. Toxin elimination, detoxification and purifi
cation as well as the activation of the element wood via liver and gallbladder meridian are the
main focus here. Potentiation of blood, urine or saliva.
Input: large flexible applicator chest and abdomen; output: mat back
Basic therapy, 3036.0, 970.5 (detoxification), 3064.0, 430.2, 370.2 (liver/gallbladder),
3030.0 (glandular function), 981.1 (hormones).
Channel 2: “Acidosis”, KTT: liver, gallbladder, joints

d) The summer months are marked by our fitness health plan. Here we support sports and lei
sure activities, but also prepare for upcoming vacations. Here, the fire element (heart, circula
tion, 3E, small intestine meridian) is supported in early summer and the earth element with
the stomach and spleenpancreas meridian in late summer. Potentiation of blood or saliva.
As a vacation and travel preparation, one should also think of the expulsion of stressful infor
mation from vaccinations, the treatment of a sun or mosquito allergy or a “diarrhea prophy
laxis” (e.g., building up the intestinal flora).
Input: large flexible applicator on the chest and abdomen; output: mat on the back.
Early summer:
Basic therapy, 3086.0, 802.1 (oxygen uptake), 3050.0, 934.1 (hormones),
281.8, 904.0 (heart), 3032.0 (blood flow), 3127.0 (small intestine).
Channel 2: “Oxygen deficiency”, “Stress cardiovascular”, KTT: heart, circulation, 3E
Late summer:
Basic therapy, 3086.0, 802.1 (oxygen uptake), 3109.0 (acidosis),
3107.0 (metabolism), 3081.0, 935.0 (pancreatic juices)
Channel 2: “Pancreatic secretory weakness”, KTT: stomach, pancreas, metabolism.
Dr. Sabine Rauch and Olle Svensson also offer a BICOM prophylaxis program, which has already
proven itself in several countries. Here, the individual complaints or modalities of the interested

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party are recorded via questionnaires and treated preventively with bioresonance according to
the Chinese 5element teachings.
Bioresonance health plans are also a good marketing tool in the practice and should be adver
tised accordingly, for example by appropriate handouts or a seasonally adapted posters in the
waiting room (see Figures 14).
And don’t forget your practice team and yourself

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Our autumn offer
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